10 ways to feel awesome right now! Part 1.

You ready for this?

  1. I know you’ve heard it before but cutting back on the booze doesn’t do you any harm at all. The odd glass or two of beer or wine may be good for your heart and also relaxing you but as soon as you overdo it alcohol becomes a depressant and will also disturb your sleep. Even if you feel as though you’re passing out quite nicely booze prevents you from entering REM sleep the restful sleep phase and will probably give you disturbing dreams. Or is that just moi?
  2. Studies have shown that being pummeled to oblivion by a woman in a white coat or even better your other half in a white coat (and nothing else) can seriously help you to overcome, headaches, anxiety and muscular soreness. Enjoy the pain pain!
  3. To really fire up your metabolism and set you up for the day, exercise first thing in the morning, (no not that type of exercise). It will also release those wonderful feel good endorphins into your brain. Hit those weights!
  4. Whatever time of day you do it, cycling, running, swimming or any form of cardio vascular exercise increases massively the energy producing mitochondria that fuels your cells. Go for it!
  5. Science has proven that taking a cold shower (Brrrr) will flush lactic acid out of your stiff sore muscles after exercise and help to stimulate you for the rest of the day by increasing your circulation. Could be worth freezing for a few minutes!
  6. And the complete opposite! Have a hot shower as again it’s been proven that more than two thirds of people feel much more energetic afterwards and it will probably make you happier than the cold one. The lesson here…take a shower!
  7. Going to beddy byes and even just getting gone extra hour of sleep can help to counteract most kinds of sleep deficit and power naps definitely boost your brain power and improve your mental alertness and performance. Time for a kip?
  8. Here’s the best part, having S E X definitely helps to increase your fitness and also energy levels. Wahay!
  9. In this day and age of MP3s music is never far away. Music can relive stress. Until that tune that you always hate comes along!
  10. Worrying about your age can help to increase those worry lines by all that frowning you keep doing. Think about all that S E X you’re going to have later and that will stop you worrying! If you’re lucky!

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