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A Speaker, Single Dad and above all a women’s campaigner:

Garth is his own living testimonial when it comes to reinventing yourself and finding your purpose.

It was during a period of intense professional and personal change that lead to a new career path working as a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and nutritionist with a large and successful client base around Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Knightsbridge and ultimately a “Lifestyle Management” practice in Paddington.

Garth is a Certified NLP practitioner, Life coach and advanced clinical hypnotherapist. He has been a key note speaker at events covering subjects such as Personal Safety for Women, Confidence and body language, Lifestyle, Stress management, Wellbeing and has been featured in the London Evening Standard and various other publications.

The Lifestyle Guy is a title that simply encompasses all his lifetime skills, business experience, management techniques, kick boxing, personal training, nutrition, life coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy and puts it all under one encompassing umbrella utilising all the techniques, skills and strategies he personally used to pull himself out of the darkness and make his life a success again.

His workshops on Safety Awareness and Confident Life Skills have been implemented across a wide spectrum of organisations including Astra Zeneca Diageo, BP, Sony, Anglo American, BAE Systems, ICI and many London advertising agencies.

He also works as a successful confidence coach delivering a 10 week life skills programme for teenagers Confident Student across London and Surrey.

Some people seem to have a natural charm, confidence and people skills, but interpersonal skills can be taught and enhanced with The Lifestyle Guy.

TELEPHONE: 01354 658242– email: garth@thelifestyleguy.co.uk

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