Another 10 ways to feel awesome right now! Part 2.


  1. If you find your energy levels beginning to flag in the afternoon go and take a walk in the fresh air. Physical activity oxygenates the brain faster than a chocolate biscuit and energises your cells for the rest of the day by supplying your brain and body cells with fresh oxygen. Hup two three four!
  2. Might seem obvious but if you’re overweight, lose weight! Carrying too much weight around is hard work and can leave you prone to tiredness and irritability. Eat a sensible, healthy, balanced diet and feel those energy levels increase! Be good to yourself!!
  3. In scientific studies it was shown that peeps with chronic fatigue were also likely to have blocked sinuses of all things! Clear those nostrils baby!
  4. If biscuits, crisps and fast foods raise your LDL levels of cholesterol, why do it, bin the junk! These kinds of junk foods block the arteries and the flow of oxygen rich blood to the cells around your body. Dump the junk!
  5. Socialising with your mates is an immediate feel good escapade. Socialising makes you feel happier, just remember not to overdo the partying and alcohol intake dudes!
  6. Wahay! Here we go, have a laugh! Laughter has been proven to be the undoubted king of banishing depression and lifting moods. Laughter pushes away the energy sapping chemical neuroendocrine out of your brain. Chuckle brothers anyone?
  7. If you’ve got high blood pressure it could be a cause of chronic fatigue and up to 60% of people have it without even realising it! Get yours checked today!
  8. Vitamin D from sunlight which helps to boost your immune system, strengthen your bones and increase your energy. Go take a walk in the sunshine!
  9. Stress is a killer and should be labeled public enemy numero uno! Next time you’re feeling under pressure or swamped at work or at your desktop feel better instantly by closing your eyes and breathing deeply for sixty seconds. Relax!!!
  10. Keep reading my blog for excellent advice and tips! WAHAY!!!

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