Does this diet sound familiar to you?

Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like Pauper!

Sage and wise advice and still good to this day!

To help to keep your weight in check or if you’re really serious about losing weight it makes to downsize your meals as the day goes on.

Coffee for breakfast, sandwich for lunch if you have the time, huge plate of meat and potatoes and very probably a nice slice of cake or a tasty dessert all washed down with a glass or two of wine.

It’s the great traditional British way of eating and it goes a long way to explaining why a huge percentage of the population is overweight or struggling with their weight.

It makes that in the morning you need energy to not only kick start your day but also give you the energy to get through the day, so this makes it an ideal opportunity to stoke up your boiler with carb heavy foods, cereals, toast, fruit etc.

As the day progresses try to eat less with each meal so that your final meal of the day is a fairly small one and try to make it primarily protein based with lovely fresh vegetables and no carbs.

There’s absolutely no point going to beddy byes after having a huge bowl of pasta as all that energy from the food will not get used up and all that will happen is that it will go straight to your fat stores without “passing go or collecting £100”!

Eating like this is a wonderful way of getting in all the fuel you need throughout the day without overloading your system.

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Best wishes Garth
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