Goal setting for weight loss?

You would never set off on any kind of long journey without a route and a plan would you?

So why is that when you decide you would like to finally take yourself in hand and do something about your weight it’s nearly always a “hit and miss affair” with just a vague perception about “Oh I’ve been overweight for so long I’ll be happy to just lose a few pounds over the next couple of weeks”!

Or…”Ill just be happy to fit into these jeans again”!

Sound familiar?

Of course it does and that’s why most weight loss plans and diets never ever work for the LONG TERM!

You have to decide on clear goals, short and long term and always have a final DESIRED END RESULT in mind.

Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Work out the goals that you want to set.

These do not necessarily have to be immediate and can fit within your current lifestyle, a 6 or 12-month time frame is fine.

Aim for a weight loss of 0.5 – 1kg per week (1 – 2lbs). Remember that you only want to lose fat and it is only physically possible to lose around 1kg per week maximum.

Crash dieting will lead to too rapid weight loss eliminating mainly water, glycogen (muscle fuel) and lean tissues (muscles and organs), which is entirely counterproductive.

Setting realistic achievable goals is vital if you are to maintain focus and get back on track when the inevitable lapses occur and hit your self confidence.

My short-term goals are…

My long-term goal is…

Having reached my long-term goal my reward will be…

Here are some suggestions towards helping you achieve your ambition of long-term weight loss.

They may not all be appropriate, but some may.

I have also left some blanks for you to write down the things that you feel you need to do

If you are to achieve your goals.

To achieve my goals I must:

• “Always Shop Smart” (make sure I am not hungry and that I look and feel good when food shopping)

• “Make time to be more active in my daily routines and in my lifestyle, and aim never to have a totally sedentary day”.

• “Modify my eating choices and when presented with options always think healthily”.

• “Ensure I hit my 5 eating points a day”.

• “Take time out to ensure that I have the right foods at home and prepare food for the next day”.

• “Always start the day with a sensible breakfast”.

• “Make sure I get to bed early enough, so that I am rested and have plenty of energy, to be mentally “on top” and to stay in control and to feel more self confident”.

Best wishes, Garth

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