How do anti oxidants affect me?

Ok, here’s another of my fun little charts to try and gauge how you score on your very own personal anti oxidant score.

As well as giving you an idea of what’s affecting you it gives you great idea of what to avoid!

Have fun and also have a think as to what changes you could make depending on your scores.

Powers of prevention  Score 1 point for each yes answer.

Symptom analysis

  • Do you frequently suffer from minor infections (coughs colds)?  YES/NO
  • Do you find it hard to shift an infection? YES/NO
  • Do you have a recurrent infection (cystitis, thrush, earache etc)? YES/NO
  • Do you bruise easily? YES/NO
  • Have you ever suffered from any of the ailments listed above? YES/NO
  • Have your parents collectively suffered from two or more of these? YES/NO
  • Do you easily get exhausted after physical exertion? YES/NO
  • Does you skin take a long time to heal? YES/NO
  • Do you suffer from acne, dry skin or excessive wrinkles for you age? YES/NO
  • Are you overweight? YES/NO


Lifestyle analysis

  • Have you smoked (for more than 5 years) within the last 5 years? YES/NO
  • Do you smoke now? YES/NO
  • Do you smoke more than ten cigarettes a day?YES/NO
  • Do you spend time most days in a Smokey atmosphere? YES/NO
  • Do you have an alcoholic drink each day? YES/NO
  • Do you live in a polluted city or by a busy road? YES/NO
  • Do you spend more than two hours in traffic each day? YES/NO
  • Are you quite often exposed to strong sunlight? YES/NO
  • Do you consider yourself unfit? YES/NO
  • During exercise do you get easily burnt out? YES/NO


Diet analysis

  • Do you eat fried food most days? YES/NO
  • Do you eat less than a serving of fresh fruit and raw veg each day? YES/NO
  • Do you eat less than two pieces of fresh fruit a day? YES/NO
  • Do you rarely eat nuts, seeds or whole grains each day? YES/NO
  • Do you eat smoked or barbecued food or grill cheese on your food? YES/NO
  • Do you supplement less than 500mg of vitamin C each day? YES/NO
  • Do you supplement less than 100iu of vitamin E each day? YES/NO
  • Do you supplement less than 10,000iu of vitamin A or beta-carotene each day? YES/NO


Total score

0 – 10 This is an ideal score, indicating that your health, diet and lifestyle are consistent with a high level of antioxidant protection. Keep up the good work.

11 – 15 This is a reasonable score, although you can increase your power of prevention by converting yes answers into no.

16 – 20 This is a poor score, indicating plenty of room for improvement.  Look hard and consider changes

21 + This is a bad score, putting you in the high risk group for aging rapidly.  You need to make lots of changes to your diet and lifestyle in order to slow the aging process.

Be great if you shared your scores with me guys.

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