I’ve got to stop eating ALL fat if I want to lose weight haven’t I?

Not all fat is created equal!

As you’ll recall from my previous article about energy in versus energy out, it’s the actual calories that we take in that count when it comes to controlling not only your body weight but also your body fat.

Dietary fat contains 9 calories per gram which is double the amount of carbohydrates and protein which have 4 calorie per gram, which means that fatty foods are basically twice as calorific as other foods for the SAME SIZED meals, so doesn’t it make sense to limit your intake of fat.

What’s more, the wrong kind of fat can also clog up your arteries as well know or should know, which can make heart attacks likely as we older. Try to keep away from Tran’s fats (look out for those dratted hydrogenated oils) and try to keep saturated fats which you find mainly in red meats and dairy foods to a minimum.

Make a point to go for the “healthy” fats, just like the one ones you find in fish, nuts and olive oil.

These kinds of fats are actually very good for your heart and arteries if eaten regularly in small doses.

Remember, food isn’t the enemy; it’s there to be enjoyed.

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