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6 good reasons why you may not be losing the fat you want to

If losing weight was as simple as unzipping a “fat suit” and stepping it out of it life just wouldn’t be a problem.

Here are few tips on how you can lose that weight right away.

1) You only do cardio

Cardio burns fat, weights build muscle and that’s the countless mantra that many ladies have given themselves because they’re frightened to go anywhere near the weights as they don’t want to build big muscles, when in fact weight training coupled with cardio is an extremely important factor in any fat loss or exercise plan.

Weight training itself can burn upwards of 400 calories an hour and also has the added benefit of increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Your RMR is basically the number of calories your body burns even when at rest. So by lifting weights you’ll burn more calories for longer after you’ve stopped exercising. On top of that if you’re eating to lose weight you will also lose muscle as well as fat. If you lift weights a greater proportion of your weight loss will come from fat.

2) Low intensity training burns more fat

This is a common train of thought due to many gym machines having things like “fat burning zone”, which sounds like an instant cure for that wobble around your middle, unfortunately it’s not!

The theory is that working around 60% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) burns more fat than high intensity exercise, where you work around 80% of your MHR. (To calculate your MHR subtract your age from 220.) The truth is that low intensity exercise burns a greater amount of fat but high intensity exercise burns MORE calories overall and raises your RMR for longer.

3) You’ve been dieting

If you’re dieting you’re going to lose weight, right?

Well yes, that’s true up to a point; the problem is that diets by their very nature are restrictive which makes them unsustainable for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter where you go, Atkins, Slimfast, cabbage soup, any weight loss plan limits what you eat, whether it’s cutting calories, removing entire food groups or just living on milk shakes.

Short term you lose weight of course and you feel and look better and your clothes feel nice and loose and you think to yourself, “Wow, I’ve lost all this weight I can go back to eating normally again now”, and before you know it you’ve piled the weight back on again plus some! The real secret is to keep to a long term eating plan that you can really stick to and suits your personality and your lifestyle.

4) You eat low fat meals

Unfortunately low fat doesn’t equate to low calories. To lose fat without losing the taste manufacturers use extra salt, sugar and additives. So eating a low fat ready meal doesn’t mean you’re taking in useless extra calories as well. There is no question you will be healthier and more likely to lose weight if you prepare and cook all your own meals using fresh ingredients. Here’s some food for thought, when did you last see a low fat banana, healthy living broccoli, light pasta?

5) You don’t eat any fat

Fat makes you fat; not eating fat makes you less fat? If only life were that simple. It’s a given that fat is more calorie dense than other food we eat and in fact fat contains nine calories per gram while carbs and proteins only contain four. But the fact remains that your body needs to get around 20% of its calories from fat, the essential and good fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated which you get from olive oil and avocado and nuts. By giving your body the essential dietary fat it needs it has no reason to hold onto your fat stores for “emergency fuel” and therefore you “fool your body” into releasing the fat from your body and therefore start to lose weight and become leaner.

6) You don’t keep track of what you eat

Maybe you’ve forgotten about that sneaky biscuit you had with your morning tea, or simply discounted the ice cream you had last night because it was low fat and the bottle or two of wine you consumed doesn’t count because it was the weekend and you deserved a treat. Research has shown that people who are trying to lose weight can seriously UNDERESTIMATE how much they are actually eating.

The best way around this is to keep a daily truth or food diary as I recommend and supply in any of my eating plans and write down everything you eat.

If the truth is there in black and white you can’t argue with yourself and you’ll be less likely to eat those sugary high calorie treats. It also makes sense to buy yourself a calorie counter and use it for a short period of time to actually get used to how many calories you’re actually eating and within a short period of time you’ll know how many calories are on your plate with just a glance.

Alternatively you can always get me to count them for you and also give you a full report on your fat, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals.

As usual if you would like a FREE NO OBLIGATON chat about your lifestyle, nutrition or exercise email me for an appointment and we’ll get you on the right track.

Best wishes as always Garth
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Fat burning furnace ebook

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Want to turn your body into a fat burning furnace?

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A fanfare for a Blogtastic week!

Well what an incredibly busy week of blogging!

Not only did I reach my 100th blog, a cute little number with my top 15 tips for losing weight healthily and easily,  ta da ta da and a Wahay for good measure I was also asked to write two guest blogs which have also been very well received which is always incredibly satisfying and gives you a really nice warm feeling.

In my work as a lifestyle manager and personal empowerment coach as well delivering corporate workshops on “Self defence for women, men and teenagers” and an exciting workshop I call “Confident life skills and personal presentation” I also work extensively as “The Lifestyle Guy” offering all sorts of help and advice on lifestyle, wellbeing, exercise and nutrition which also keeps me very busy and offers me the kind of diversity and challenge I also love.

As resident guest blogger and “honorary bird” for Birds on the Blog and the blogmistress that is Sarah Arrow I write a weekly article on either nutrition or exercise or a combination of the two and this week I wrote a wonderful article on “How to tame your hunger pangs” which contains some really great ideas and my top 10 tips on how to stop that tummy of yours rumbling at the most inconvenient of times and to keep those hunger pangs at bay, so do yourself a favour and go check it out.

I was also asked my the lovely Lisa Attias of More South to write her an article on Mediterranean cooking and was more than happy to share with her and her readers my birthday adventures last weekend when I was treated to the wonderful delights of a very fine Greek Cypriot style BBQ and also taught how to make some of the absolutely delicious side dishes like Tsaziiki and Houmus which are surprisingly easy to put together. Feel free to go ahead and check out the blog “Family fun in the sun, healthy Mediterranean eating” and also try out the recipes for yourself this Bank holiday weekend.

Well as today is the Friday of our traditional long, dare I say it, hot and sunny bank holiday weekend I’ll sign off by wishing you all a wonderful and happy weekend and always as usual, if you would like to have a FREE NO OBLIGATION chat with me regarding your lifestyle, exercise or nutrition, please email me to arrange an appointment and we can sort you out!

Best wishes Garth.
Like to know how your eating is affecting you? Gimme a call

Fat burning furnace ebook

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Want to turn your body into a fat burning furnace?

Want to do it fast, easy and as cost effective as possible?

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Blog 100! And to celebrate here are 15 of my best weight loss tips!

If you think you’ve tried everything in the book to lose weight, think again,  here I bring you my 15 top tips to wage WAR ON FAT!

1. Use your hands.

Ditch your shopping basket when buying your lunch dudes. Carrying your items in your hands will make you think twice about what you’re actually buying and how much. You can only carry so much; it’s as simple as that!

2. Protein.

Eat your protein first. Start each meal with eating protein first. Proteins are digested much more slowly than carbs so they will help to suppress your appetite before you hit the carbs.

3. Water.

Water naturally suppresses your hunger pangs and helps your body to metabolise fat. Try to drink at least two litres a day.

4. Exercise and protein.

Ditch your pre-exercise banana and have a protein shake instead. Protein taken about 20 minutes before exercise can increase your post training calorie burn.

5. L-glutamine.

If you suffer from sweet cravings then L-glutamine could be your saviour. This supplement is known to bring down high insulin and blood sugar levels which will help to blunt your sugar cravings and fat storage.

6. Super noodles.

Shirataki noodles have no carbs and only 20 calories per serving. How? Well they’re made from glucomannan a water soluble fibre that also takes hours to digest.

7. Too many zzzzz’s.

Sleeping more than 9 to 10 hours a night won’t help you with your fat loss. People who sleep more than this are usually found to be 20% more obese than those who only slept for 8 hours.

8. Be a cheater.

Your body can adapt to any diet or training programme very quickly, so straying from time to time can actually do you good. A cheat day every seven to ten days will do you a world of good. Cheese cake anyone!

9. Chill out time.

Emotional stress can cause weight gain by speeding up the conversion of calories to fat and you’re more likely to make the wrong choices or overeat if stressed. Take some time out to relax and chill.

10. Tea time.

Sip oolong tea. If you can live with the woody taste its high caffeine content will stimulate your central nervous system and cause fat to be released into your blood stream for use as extra fuel and can burn an extra 67 calories a day.

11. Apply pressure.

By massaging the pressure points midway between you’re your nose and mouth it will help to subdue any food cravings.

12. Barley for brekkies.

Eating barley for breakfast can cut the blood sugar spikes that cause your body to crave high Gi carbs and store fat. This cereal grain is also rich in soluble and insoluble fibre and also slows down the speed at which food leaves the stomach.

13. Acai berries.

Adding these lovely purple berries to cereals or smoothies provides you with quality protein, healthy fats and plenty of fibre and also help to reduce fat absorption.

14. Chew gum.

Want to lose weight? Then chew gum. Chewing gum stimulates the nerves in the muscles of the jaw which then sends signals to the appetite section of your brain that is linked to satiety.

15. Vinegar.

Sounds horrible I know but if you sip apple cider vinegar it helps to eradicate hunger pangs. The vinegar is high in filling fibre and peptin which absorbs water and acts as a suppressant.

So there you go a whole load of tips and advice to help you out in your weight loss programme.

If you would like any further help or some FREE advice, please email me for an appointment.

Best wishes as always Garth
Like to know how your eating is affecting you? Gimme a call

Fat burning furnace ebook

Subscribe or miss out!

Want to turn your body into a fat burning furnace?

Want to do it fast, easy and as cost effective as possible?

Subscribe to my newsletter and grab this great report – for free.

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