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Calling all Teachers and Educators…

  • Would you like to give your students the very best opportunity in their upcoming exams?
  • Give them the essential life skills, tools and strategies for their future?
  • Would you like to provide them with the very latest cutting edge techniques on dealing with stress?
  • Show through example the effects of positive thoughts and positive body language in their daily lives?
  • Teach them about physical well-being and how exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym?
  • Educate them about the importance of healthy eating?

 Well now you can!



Spring Term Special Offer!!

Usual cost per day £1,500. If you book before the 31st March you will be given a guaranteed cost of only £1,000 per day – a WHOPPING 33% discount!


About Confident Student

In today’s world there has never been a greater need to be able to communicate and express yourself effectively.

Today’s teenagers are the next generation of adults but how do they learn to communicate easily and effortlessly with the people and situations they will inevitably encounter along the way!

It’s a well reported fact that despite social economic background, students can excel. The real problem is “how do you motivate a student and reshape their attitude towards education and society and themselves?”

“Confident Student” will fill that gap!

A dynamic workshop for up to 30 STUDENTS designed to give them new confidence boosting, stress busting and effective communication skills that they can use in their lifestyle and also in their future workplace.


The Confident Student Workshop:

In this FUN, INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP Students will discover how to:

  • Instantly change negative thinking patterns– Which mean less stress and more productivity and emotional freedom.
  • Art of positive communication– learn how to use yours for MAXIMUM impact upon your own education and life.
  • Body language: 55% impact – crucial in the first few seconds- Learn how to recognise and use it in everyday life.
  • Tone of voice: 38% of communication – Learn how to listen out for key phrases and use them to maximum impact.
  • Words: 7% of communication are the words you use– Learn how to use the power and tone of your voice.
  • Rapport: How to build and maintain it with anyone.
  • Eye movements: The importance of eye movements and how to use them to gauge thought processes.
  • Unstoppable confidence: Learn how to deal with any situation and maximise its potential, whether it’s dealing with bullying, educational success or body image.
  • Brain power: Learn how to utilize your own memory systems and process information at a faster rate.
  • Positive member of society: Learn about social cues and inter-cultural communication.



Flexible Course Delivery Options:

Option 1: Rapid Immersion Sessions

  • Three two hour workshops repeated over the course of a normal school day (Empowerment training for up to 90 Students in a single day!)
  • Powerful two hour workshops teaching students the essential techniques of managing “exam stress” through easy to learn cutting edge strategies.
  • It also covers lack of exercise and bad eating habits and how that can impact and affect thought processes and energy levels.

Option 2: Extended Learning Programme

  • Two days and six individual workshops (a full in depth 2 day course for up to 30 students!)
  • Breaking down each individual subject from the two hour workshop and going into much greater depth.

Extended Learning Programme Overview:

Workshop 1: Body language

Body language can affect not only our own moods and emotions but also others around us. Learn how to set yourself up for a positive and powerful day and build and maintain “rapport” with anyone. Interactive: Creative visualisation “Using peripheral vision”.

Workshop 2: Goal setting and personal values

Knowing what’s important to you. How to set and attain clear goals a step by step guide.

Interactive: Creative visualisation “Setting your goals in your unconscious mind”.

Workshop 3: Nutrition

How what you eat can have a “positive” or “negative” impact on your life and can influence your mood and your day.

Interactive: Creative visualisation “The eye roll” stress buster.

Workshop 4: Eye accessing and modalities

Eyes move in certain directions when accessing information from parts of your brain. Here’s how to use it to your personal advantage and “access the parts” you need to when you need them the most. Knowing what modality you operate in i.e. visual, auditory, kinaesthetic can have a very positive impact on the way you think, here’s where we find out how.

Interactive: Creative visualisation “The Unnap Nap”

Workshop 5: Calibration and elicitation

How to gather information around other peoples feelings and emotions and how to harness and control that little voice inside your head and turn it into a powerful ally.

Interactive: Creative visualisation “Harnessing your inner resources at anytime

Workshop 6: Fit and healthy

Exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym and feeling fit and healthy can have a really positive impact on your mental well-being



 What you get when you enrol for The Confident Student Programme:

  • Experiential, fun, action-packed, “hands on” learning
  • Increased confidence, motivation, self-awareness and engagement of students
  • Greater ability to focus and concentrate
  • Greater awareness of the causes of stress and how to alleviate them
  • Greater rapport and understanding between staff and students through a shared learning experience
  • See the world from “their side” for the day
  • Train up to 90 students for 2 hours each in a single day (that equates to a staggeringly low cost of just £11.11 per student!!)
  • Plus much, much more!



Book your courses before 31st March and we’ll slash 33% off our regular prices…


 Workshop Cost: £1,500

Spring Term Discounted Price: £1,000

A saving of £500!!


 Workshop Cost: £3,000

Spring Term Discounted Price: £2,000

A saving of £1,000!!



Offer Expires on 31st March…


So take action today! Lock in your guaranteed discount and give your students an experience they will never forget. Get in touch using the form above, or contact me directly – One call is all it takes!

Have a great day, and I look forward to working with you and your students in the near future!

Best Wishes,

Garth Delikan – The Lifestyle Guy

P.S. – If you are keen to get started, and you would like to secure an early booking you can contact me directly either by email, telephone or Skype. My details are as follows:

Email: garth.delikan@btinternet.com

Tel: 07931 515 392

Skype: the.lifestyleguy

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