Six pack anyone?

What are abs and what do they do?

Your ab muscles or abdominals are actually some of the most important and multifunctional muscles in your entire body and to be able to tone and shape them properly along with a good general fitness programme and healthy eating plan it helps to know what they do.

Here are some of their most important functions:
They are in fact postural muscles which means that you couldn’t even sit or stand up or push your shopping trolley without them.

They also help with your breathing process as they work in conjunction with your diaphragm (helps while screaming at the kids or other half!

They also stabilise the spinal cord and help to prevent any impingements in your central nerous system which may be caused by instabilities, which means they can also help with back pain.

They also play a major role in protecting your internal organs. In effect they do for the digestive system what your ribcage does for your heart and lungs.

They also help in the transference of torque and power between upper and lower body during any kind of physical activity, carrying the kids, baby etc.

They also stabilise your body when forces act on it or parts of it, for example, if you hold your arms out straight and someone tries to push them to one side, your abs actually contract to keep you in place.

They even start and initiate movements in your limbs, again as a example your core muscles contract before any muscles in your legs do as you start to walk.

So there you have it , your abs aren’t just to look good on the beach they also serve a very important purpose.

So the next time you hit the floor and start “banging” out yet another set of crunches, try to plan your workout and remember you’re developing muscles that not only help you look good, but they also help you do everything from breathing to bending!

Best wishes Garth
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