Want a firm waistline?

Steps to ABSolute perfection!

If you’ve decided it’s finally time to do something about your waistline all the advice you’re going to need is right here.

The first thing to do is to get to know your abs and become personal friends with them, that way you’ll intimately and immediately know whether you’re working them hard enough or not!

Your rectus abdominis or abs is a sheet of muscle that connects your ribcage to your pelvis. It’s surrounded on either side by what is known as the serratus, obliques and tranverse abdominis muscles, and all of these little beauties combined help to stabilize your spine and also transfer power between your upper and lower body (and here’s you thinking all they did was look good on the beach) shame on you!

Strong abs aren’t just for show, by working these muscles you’ll improve everything you do in life and help to protect yourself from back pain as a an added bonus.

I have to stress here that it’s also very important to work your other muscles as well as your abs as it will help to keep your entire body in balance.

By training the large muscle groups like your back, chest, shoulders and legs you will also increase the overall fat burning capability of your system by adding more muscle and gaining muscle or getting leaner is what we’re after. Remember, fat is inactive and odes nothing but sit on your body and make you feel unattractive, muscle is live tissue and burns calories even while you’re sat there watching TV!

By also training large muscle groups it will also have a very positive benefit on your abs as well. Aim to train if possible three to four times per week, although if you can’t manage that do what you can as I personally feel that any training is better than none as long as it’s regular.

Of course the strongest abs in the world won’t show as your coveted six pack if they’re covered in a layer of unsightly flab so be mindful of what you eat and also try to add some high intensity cardio to your routine as well.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming are fantastic ways to burn calories especially if you do it as interval training where you do short bursts of fast paced exercise followed with a longer recovery period i.e. run, cycle, jog or swim hard for 1 x minute then go easier for 1 x minute and keep repeating the cycle until you’ve completed about 20 x minutes.

Stay focused, work hard but just as importantly have FUN!


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