Want the perfect lunchtime fat stripping routine?

Of course you do!

Here’s a real fat burner that you can get done within your lunch hour and get back to the office invigorated and fired up for the rest of the afternoon!

Ok you’ve changed and in the gym and ready to go, wahay!

Warm up for 10 minutes at an easy pace on the equipment of your choice, treadmill, bike, rower, whatever floats your boat. This will not only prepare your muscles for the rigours to come but will also get you mentally prepared and hot to trot, and if you’ve eaten before it will reduce the insulin and allows fatty acids to be utilised for energy.

Okey dokey warmed up and raring to go this where the fun starts.

Jump on the rower, strap yourself in nice and tight and get ready to go. Start rowing at a high intensity on between resistance 4 to 6 and continue doing that for 15 x seconds followed by a low recovery intensity for 45 x seconds.

Repeat this pattern until you’ve completed 10 minutes in total.

Rest for no more than 3 minutes by walking around and allowing your heart and breathing to almost come back to normal.

Ok good to go?

Hop on the trusty old warhorse that is the treadmill and start walking on incline 2 and a speed of approximately 5 to 6.5 kph for 1 x minute, then here’s where the fun really begins!

Crank up the speed to 9km and up the incline to 4 and keep doing that for one full minute. If you’re confident and experienced enough jump each foot to the side of the treadmill and rest for 1 x minute. Then up the incline to 6 and start to run again for one full minute. Repeat this procedure going up 2 inclines a time until you’ve completed 10 x minutes. If the speed is too great cut it down to 8kph or if you’re fitness level doesn’t allow it yet keep walking at around 6kph.

Awesome job!

Walk around and rehydrate yourself for 3 x minutes again allowing your breath and heartbeat to almost return to normal.

Gird your loins here’s the final part!

Get on the exercise bike or spinning bike if you prefer, set it at a fairly high resistance then stand up and pedal for all your worth for 1 x minute, reduce resistance then sit down and work at a much lower intensity for 1 x minute and yes, you’ve guessed it, continue for 10 x minutes in total.

Walk around and allow your heart and lungs to come back to planet earth and at no time stop or flop down on the floor or sit still as you want to allow this time for your muscles and body to recover, reduce body temperature, and remove waste products from still working muscles.

It will also help you to focus on the afternoons work ahead while your metabolism torches your fat to the max!

Good job!

Best wishes Garth.
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