When was the last time you got acquainted with….

your blood pressure?

I’m only asking out of curiosity because I have just conducted a couple of Wellness Days within a large corporate company and out of 250 employees I found that 35 of them had higher than average blood pressure, which is a pretty high percentage and just happens to be one of society’s greatest killers if left unchecked andt could lead to hardening of the arteries, angina or even a heart attack.

The strange thing about it is that none of these people even had an inkling that their blood pressure was so high and I’m talking about 150’s and 160’s over 90 here and these people had no idea that it was so high and the serious implications attached to it!

Undoubtedly a lot of this can be traced back to “high stress levels” within their working environment but a lot of it can be attributed to the present turmoil of the current economic climate and the uncertainty that seems to have turned into a “frenzy” and is causing feelings of huge insecurity.

It’s like a vicious circle; the stress affects home life, which in turn manifests into self disrepair, where you feel so anxious and fearful that you begin to neglect yourself when in actual fact a good hard intense workout is exactly what the doctor ordered and just what you need to help deal with the stress!

In fact even just some form of moderate exercise has been proven to reduce blood pressure but of course if your high blood pressure is medically related and you’re on medication it always makes sense to get your doctors advice before embarking on any form of exercise programme.

Your physical health starts to deteriorate, you’re eating habits become less than desirable and before you know it the compound and end effect has “transmuted itself into high blood pressure” because there is no other outlet and is your bodies way of telling you to do something about your Lifestyle.

If you haven’t had your blood pressure checked recently please do so, especially if you’ve been feeling under undue pressure.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure!


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