Why can’t I just eat three meals a day like I always have?

Most of us have been brought up on the concept of three square meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However this may not be the ideal eating pattern to suit your body or metabolism as this kind of eating pattern throws your metabolism into complete disarray because you tend to stuff yourself with  which then creates an energy overload which is then followed by a period of starvation until the next meal is due.

What you find is that your insulin levels bounce up and down as it fights to keep your blood sugar levels even and consistent throughout the day and the end result ends up with you storing more fat than you actually need to.

A much better way of eating is the “little and often” method that I’m always banging on about and eat small meals constantly throughout the day. That way your metabolism gets a constant “drip feed” of the energy that it needs on a regular basis which in turn will keep your blood sugars levels stable and a big plus is that you never feel hungry so you’ll have no excuse whatsoever to reach for that biscuit tin mid afternoon!

By eating little and often you’re body will also be able to process the food that you take in much more easily as it won’t be overloaded and you’ll absorb much more of the nutritional elements of all your meals and you won’t have that stuffed and bloated feeling that usually accompanies a full on meal.

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Best wishes Garth.
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