Why throwing your bathroom scales out of the window is a really good idea.

Have you ever really wanted to do that?

Probably because you had worked really hard, been eating well and exercising but that little metal box told you were a failure.

I was eighteen and a half stone, obese and unfit in August 2009, today I have lost six of those stones, I’m now fit, healthy and very happy.  And I have never owned bathroom scales and I didn’t weigh myself at all until I’d lost three stones.

I didn’t have scales when I was big for obvious reasons, I knew how big I was, I could see it every time I looked in the mirror, or put on my size twenty four jeans.  I’d been weighed for some surgery a while ago, had told the nurse I didn’t want to know the figure; I did though have a sneaky look, gulped and then buried my head firmly in the sand. I didn’t need scales to tell me how bad things had got.

So why do you need to throw your scales out of that window?

My reasons are very simple:

If you are eating well, maybe exercising too, you get on the scales and the first week you lose two pounds, you pat yourself on the back, you’ve done well, it was worth all the effort. The second week, you do exactly the same positive things; you may have been trying even harder, however the metal box tells you ‘one pound lost’.

How do you feel, I can almost guarantee that you will feel deflated, unmotivated and wondering why you are bothering?  You’ve lost the celebration of your achievement of losing three pounds and wondering what you’ve done wrong.

So if you hadn’t got on the scales for four weeks and found you’d lost seven pounds, how would that feel?  Fantastic, it’s half a stone, you’ve done really well and you’re motivated to carry on because you’ve succeeded!

What you didn’t of course see were the fluctuations in your weight across the weeks, this is a perfectly normal pattern. You won’t necessarily lose the same amount every week whatever you do.   For women your hormonal cycle will really affect this too.  Also if you lose seven pounds across a month, you will feel it too, your clothes might feel just that bit looser, if you’re doing the right things why do you need the scales to tell you that? If you eat less and healthier and move more you will lose weight, that’s guaranteed.

And if you weigh yourself every day, well the issue is just amplified massively!

There’s something else too, when you lose weight, at the back of your mind is the total amount to want to lose or the weight you want to reach, it may be an enormous number.  So every time you get on those scales, you are reminded just how big that challenge is. Whilst knowing what you weigh at the beginning is important, we may perhaps need a shock to get us to change. To be reminded constantly can take the focus away from what you are actually achieving each week.

It’s too much to ask of yourself; you need to focus on much smaller goals, those that you can see as being achievable, losing a dress size or not getting out of breath going up stairs for example.  Try to find things that you could do in a month or so, it’s far better to succeed at a smaller goal than fail at a bigger one.

At the beginning you won’t be able to visualise what losing the big figure will look like, and the more you have to lose the more relevant this is.  If I had started out with the goal of losing six stones, it would never have happened, it is too big, it would have felt impossible, however getting into a pair of size 22 jeans seemed reasonable and achievable.  And to be reminded all the time how much I still weighed and how far off twelve and a half stone was, I don’t think that would have motivated me in the slightest!

So try weighing yourself only every month, if this is too hard at the beginning, the minimum should be every fortnight but do try to increase the time intervals if you can!

The figures you’ll then see on the scales will be much bigger and far more motivating.

If you start off not being a slave to the scales then you stand a much better chance of being able to sustain weight loss too, I know that my weight will fluctuate now, I’ve had periods of doing a lot more exercise or times when there have been holidays or events where I probably eat more than I would normally do, however by not getting on the scales I’m not feeling ‘punished’, my clothes might feel a bit tight, so I adjust my exercise and food again!  So I still don’t own any scales and a year on from the initial weight loss, it’s all still off and I feel wonderful!

I don’t need a pair of scales to tell me that! Go on, give it a go and see if it works for you!

I‘m Trudy Kelly, I’m 43, and I lost 6 stone in 14 months not being on a diet, I just followed a commonsense, very simple approach. I’m not a health guru, I’m an ordinary girl who has achieved what I even thought was unachievable. And I’ve written a blog about it. http://loseweightandkeepitoff.wordpress.com/



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