Personal Safety Awareness for Women

This IS NOT self defence!

This IS Personal Safety Awareness

There is a growing trend in companies providing their employees with personal safety training in the workplace as part of their corporate social responsibilty and well-being initiatives for their staff. What a fantastic way for a company to show that it appreciates its staff and cares for their welfare. The course also provides a great opportunity for team building and boosting company morale.

We have conducted personal safety/self defence training at many blue chip companies as well as courses for smaller businesses and have been featured in The London Evening Standard and various other publications.


Here’s what you get…

Our courses are designed for the everyday person. All our courses cover personal safety awareness in your daily life as well as focusing on easy to remember and effective physical techniques.

The 1 ½ workshop covers:

  • Personal safety talk & safety in your daily life
  • Drug Rape Awareness- information on and avoidance of the alarming rise of drinks being spiked to rob or sexually assault individuals (this applies to both men and women, 11% of drug rape reports are made by men)
  • Identification of risk situations and avoidance
  • Teaching participants practical & highly effective self-defence skills which require no strength or martial arts skills that anyone can learn and use
  • Educate participants that they have choices when they are faced with an attack situation
  • Build confidence in your own capabilities

How much does the workshop cost?

We give you a fixed cost for the workshop of £800, not a price per head which can easily increase the cost above most companies budgets and we can accommodate up to 40 people.

The prices above are based on the workshops being held in the London area, please note travelling and accommodation costs will be added to anything further afield.

Below are a few video testimonials from some of our clients and also a short video of our FUN and INTERACTIVE workshop for you to enjoy.

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