Confident life skills

For presentation, business, life, and… YOURSELF!

Develop the confidence, presentation and communication skills and techniques of your employees, sales or marketing team.

It’s been said that people make a judgement on someone within the first 7 SECONDS of meeting them!

You’ve then got 90 seconds to reinforce that judgement!

Research has proven that the first 90 seconds of any conversation, whether it lasts 10 minutes or 20 minutes is the “MAGIC MOMENT”  when all relevant information is taken in!

Now imagine that being amplified by a roomful of your clients or your work colleagues!

When you’re making a new business pitch or a company presentation it’s absolutely crucial you make the right impression from the second your clients walk through the door.

Effective staff communication between management, teams and departments is also absolutely essential.

Learn how in this workshop on effective body language workplace and lifestyle behaviour.

• Body language, 55% impact – crucial in the first few seconds, learn how to use yours for MAXIMUM impact, essential for presentations or workplace new business pitches.

• Learn the power of POSITIVE thoughts and how to access your most POWERFUL resources at any time

• Build confidence in the person, the team, your CLIENT and YOURSELF!

38% of communication is tone of voice learn how to listen out for key phrases and use them to maximum impact.

7% of communication are the words you use, find out how important this can be and how the words you use can affect the outcome of a presentation or new business pitch.

• Mind reading, eye patterns can give away important clues on how individuals are thinking, an important and integral skill to have for that SUCCESFUL presentation or new business PITCH.

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