Yum yum, I sooo LOVE chocolate?

The perils of chocolate!

Even though it’s common knowledge that chocolate rots your teeth and is full of sugar and can make you gain weight just by looking at a bar seemingly, we’re still obsessed with scoffing it by the bucket load!

But why?

There are little neurons in your brain that are responsible for memory and learning only take their energy from glucose and so unless kept sweet they hardly even bother to think. Having a Cadburys binge isn’t the answer though as unfortunately very soon afterwards you’ll crash and burn and feel lethargic and completely knackered because you’ll be running on empty.

Sugar which chocolate is crammed full of, just in case you had forgotten energises everything it runs into, and this includes the bacteria that eat the enamel on your teeth. A handy tip to know after eating chocolate is to have a couple of glasses of water to wash away any excess from your teeth.

Once you’ve had your chocolate bar and experienced the subsequent sugar high it’s all bad news from there I’m afraid, for the excess spike in blood sugar then releases insulin which takes all the excess sugar to your brain and heart. That’s not where it ends either as it also takes more than it should which leaves you with even less blood sugar. This then triggers stress hormones into restoring the balance by stealing any excess sugar from your liver which isn’t ideal. The whole ordeal can really leave your body feeling tired and stressed.

Your body is also very clever as it doesn’t automatically use up an overload of sugar, instead it saves it up for a rainy day which it does by turning it into FAT!

This is bad news not only for your heart but also your waistline.

That’s not the end of the “good news” either, as eating excess amounts of chocolate and the subsequent sugar increases the amount of calcium you excrete every time you go to the loo which could easily lead to osteoporosis. While you’re busy peeing it away the calcium heads out of town through your kidneys, leaving deposits that potentially could cause kidney stones. Washing it all down with soft drinks just makes a bad situation even worse as nay soft drinks contain phosphoric acid which also increases the amount of calcium you lose.

A spoonful of sugar may indeed help the medicine go down but if you didn’t have it in the first place you wouldn’t be heading for ill health in the first place.

A small chocolate treat once in a while is fine but try to maintain your blood sugar levels the healthy way by eating slow release wholegrain carbs instead, your mind, body, liver waistline and heart will thank you for it!
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