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Solutions I provide for my Valuable Clients...

I motivate individuals to be their true selves on and below are some of the tools I use and Programmes I offer...

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Life Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition

What is NLP…

It’s a collection of tools that help you to reprogram your brain in order to create the life that you actually want and desire. It gives you the power to take control of your own thoughts to create the lifestyle you have always wanted and desired.

Its about dumping the damaging thought patters that have brought you to where you are today, a place that you are not entirely happy with. Then reprograming those thoughts with new empowering patterns to create the life than you really want.

What is Life Coaching…

A guided tour of your inner mind to help you discover and get in touch with what you really want for your life.

You will leave with a road map and signposts to guide you along every step of the way and to ensure that you successfully reach your ultimate goal.

What is Hypnotherapy…

Accessing those deep inner thoughts or dark inner areas of your mind that you are frightened to visit – but by being in a relaxed state of mind and in a safe place we shine a torch on those dark areas and let you see for yourself that there is nothing to be frightened of.

A process that gives you the realisation that you have the power to take complete control over the dark areas of your mind.


Personal Training

A combination of kick boxing, weightlifting and personal training made me realise how powerful my mind was and made me realised how important the mind body connection is. And how you could use it to smash thought limiting beliefs to become more powerful that you ever thought possible.




You have to eat to live, food is there to be enjoyed and learning to eat to suit your own unique personality and unique lifestyle is essential to live a diet free life and to be able to maintain it.

One to One Life Coaching 

If you feel a little stuck and you are keen to establish and hit your goals, you are going through something that is overwhelming, you are keen to achieve something new or break some useful behavioural patterns, you are suffering with low confidence or just need help to be the best you can be - then Life Coaching could be the tool for you.

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One to Many

I offer bespoke group programmes for companies and organisations. Initially I would meet with you to gain an understanding of what you are looking to achieve and I would design a strategy to meet your needs. In the past I have worked on management projects of all kinds and I would love to learn more about your requirements

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The Academy

I offer a 12 month online academy to individuals and businesses which allows your to assess and develop every part of your life. Clients find the course transformational and love that they can move at their own pace whilst having myself to support them and guide them through the process.

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The Holistic Package

When clients are looking for a compete transformation, mind, body and soul then this is the package. Utilising the mind-body connection to give the body they want so they love what they see in the mirror, whilst working on life goals and the emotional connection which holds this together. A bespoke package I would love to discuss.

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Join our VIP group

Within the group you will find me Garth Delikan, live on a weekly basis, to answer your questions, provide breakthroughs and generally support you on your journey.

Let's see if we should work together.

  • I provide one to one life coaching to assist you in discovering and hitting your goals.

  • I offer weight management programs to help you achieve your weight goals fast without dieting.

  • I offer a personal training service which provides you with fast lasting results.

  • I work with clients to enhance their confidence and helps them to love what they see in the mirror.

  • I can work with clients on all aspects of their lives so they can live the life they want.

  • I offer online training programmes as well as one to one coaching.

  • My holistic approach uses the benefit of the mind-body connection to achieve lasting results easily.

  • I work with you as an individual and tailor a plan to suit your individual needs.

Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"As a Lifestyle Expert Garth will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. I found his perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and his communication style was balanced with professionalism. Garth gives terrific and interesting advice about reaching targets efficiently and effectively. Garth is not merely a consultant. He’s a coach, a mentor, and a guiding hand for any firm that wants to improve how it gets and does business." Amy K

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